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“We have no language - no syntax and no lexicon - which is foreign” (J. Derrida)
Neither language nor personal interests should be enough an obstacle to divide us therefore.
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I. Lectures in Critical Pedagogy
I. Articles on education and/or second language teaching
Chris McMahon: 'Hysterical Academies: Lacan's Theory of the Four Discourses'
James Lantolf: 'SLA theory building- letting all the flowers bloom' (.pdf - file)
Ania Lian's reply to Lantolf: Approaches to SLA-research: a critical reflection
Leda M. Cooks: Dis-Integrating Pedagogies? Critical Theory and Instructional Practice
Ania Lian's reply to Cook's: A critical commentary on pedagogy

II. Some publications and conference papers
II. The concept of dialogue
Ania Lian on  J. A. Cheyne &D. Tarulli: It is the best thing I read on the issue!!

III. Fragments from Ania Lian's Doctoral Thesis
III. Valuable links to journals and interesting sites
Craig Calhoun, President of the Social Science Research Council
Social Science Research Council  (Check it out!)
weblinks of interest to sociologists
Bruno Latour's Website
University of Colorado at Denver School of Education (Check it out!)
The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Check it out!)
  • Principles for L2-teaching
The postmodern culture - journal (Check it out!)
  • Principles for L2-assessment
Lyotard, J-F., 1979, The postmodern condition

Educational Technology & Society Journal

Active Worlds Educational Resources Link

IV. Thoughts and articles focusing on the issue of critical thinking
IV. Some links on modernism and postmodernism
On modernism
On postmodernism

V. Thoughts and articles on issues relating to the problems of ethics and methodology
V. Links to currently operating discussion lists
IFETS - Mailing List Archive: International Forum of Educational Technology & Society
Social Science Research Council - forum

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