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“We have no language - no syntax and no lexicon - which is foreign” (J. Derrida)
Neither language nor personal interests should be enough an obstacle to divide us therefore.
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Ania Lian was born in Poland and, if Poland can be said to have been the country where Ania was nursed and schooled, Australia was the country where Ania developed. After a short time of two years spent between Germany and France, Ania spent her last 17 years in Australia where she studied and taught at various universities (Ania Lian's CV)
Today, Ania's future lies in the diversity of projects that Ania has undertaken recently and intends to follow up. The general thought behind all those project is that by helping others we help ourselves. Ania's main efforts will focus on the realm of education but not only. In the context of education, the goal is to create opportunities which turn the most constructive ideas about research and education of the last century into reality. With this goal in mind, the projects seek to generate and support challenging ideas which require a lateral approach to the problems which they attempt to tackle. For more information, please click here

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You can also find Ania at ania@comedu.canberra.edu.au


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