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“We have no language - no syntax and no lexicon - which is foreign” (J. Derrida)
Neither language nor personal interests should be enough an obstacle to divide us therefore.
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University of Colorado at Denver School of Education 
Lectures in chemistry (Brock) The ever helphful Dr Phil
Models of pedagogy Henri Bergson: Duration and Simultaneity Astrology Zone
Students' papers on different social issues Bergson's Theory of Knowledge and Einstein's Theory of Relativity
P. Bourdieu
Interest and the Relative Autonomy of Symbolic Power
Ania Lian: What is time: a few casual reflections The twelth house
Thomas Hylland Eriksen
Symbolic power struggles in inter-cultural space
A reading must: Bruno Latour's website
J.A. Mope Simo
...social change in a Western grassfields chiefdom
The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Check it out!)

Advanced Journalism
A lecture on Symbolic Power
My favourite quotes from R.J. Saul

Advanced Journalism
A lecture on sociology of the profesions: the work of P. Bourdieu

Advanced Journalism
Lecture on globalisation and industrialisation

Advanced Journalism
Journalism, democracy and the  public sphere

On Critical thinking
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Selected writings by Nietzsche

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