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“We have no language - no syntax and no lexicon - which is foreign” (J. Derrida)
Neither language nor personal interests should be enough an obstacle to divide us therefore.
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A conceptual framework

The aim of all projects is to engage people in activities which bring them together and which, as a result, help to unite us, rather than divide, in terms of the opportunities that we can enjoy, understandings that we hold and a sense of shared future which we create.

Laterality and the requirement to expand our mindsets on the problems or issues that we encounter therefore are the two main principles in terms of which all projects are structured and which they seek to cultivate. 

The activities that the projects support, are defined by these principles. They include business ventures or projects which involve people  in a constructive and mutually beneficial relationship and which, as a result, generate for people opportunities to enhance their understanding of the conditions which influence their actions, beliefs or attitudes. 

The objective of the projects is to help to link a range of individuals or groups in a shared effort to overcome the perspectives that limit their opportunities with the goal of achieving a broader, more informed and more enabling minset on the problems that they face. Freedom, in this sense, is experienced in terms of the control that individuals gain from action that comes form and is led by understanding rather than from acts that are directed at winning and subjugation. 

The funds for the activities that the projects support are:

  • generated by the projects themselves or 
  • provided through grants which would be distributed on request and in accordance to the scope of the project.
  • Some projects form doctoral inquiries conducted by Doctoral Candidates form various countries and with goals directed at effecting changes in educational structures. For examples of these projects, click here.   
Currently, all projects are still in the developmental stage. Support and ideas are welcome. 


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